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Englisch Stufe 5

Stufe 5

Schulinternes Curriculum

Lehrplan [pdf]


Leistungsbewertung [pdf]

Buch & Materialien

Green Line - Schülerbuch 1 - Band 1: 5.Klasse ISBN:978-3-12-834210-8


Green Line - Workbook 1 + Audio CD + Lernsoftware Band 1: 5. Klasse

ISBN:978-3-12-034218-4 [link]


Workbook Klasse 5 ISBN: 978-3-12-835015-8: [link]
Schulbuch Klasse 5: [link]
Freiwilliges zusätzliches Übungsmaterial zur Grammatik Klasse 5: [link]
Fit für Tests und Klassenarbeiten Klasse 5: [link]



Students in class 5a have created some school brochures in a short project. Here are some very positive examples of creating such brochures. The "a" class is special as students learn Latin first and only take a two hours a week course in English during class 5. In the first year the "a" class does only get as far as theme 3 in Camden Town I. In the following years the classes catch up to the other English classes. 


Have a look at a selection of brochures pdf.